Notice of Vacancy

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Norfolk Assistance Scheme

What is it?

The Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS) helps people who are in financial hardship and cannot pay their living costs. There are many reasons why this might happen to you:

  • Redundancy
  • Work hours have been cut
  • On a low income or benefits
  • Waiting for Universal Credit payments
  • A home emergency such a fire or flood
  • Have a special educational need or disability
  • Have mental health issues or in ill health
  • Have left an abusive relationship
  • Have dependent children
  • In a resettlement scheme

If you are eligible we can:

  • Provide emergency financial help
  • Supply essential household goods and furniture
  • Give support, guidance and advice

You will need to complete an application with evidence of your financial situation.

Norfolk Swift Response

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Get urgent help at home (Norfolk Swift Response Team)
Norfolk Swift Response is a free 24-hour service you can call if you have an urgent, unplanned need at home but don’t need the emergency services. If, for example, your partner or carer is suddenly admitted to hospital, the Swift Response team can assist you with getting up, washing and dressing. They can also help if you have a fall but are not seriously injured and can bring special lifting equipment to help make moving as safe as possible for you.

Who can get assistance from Norfolk Swift Response?
Norfolk County Council operates a 24-hour countywide Norfolk Swift Response Service. This service is for people who are over 18, living at home and require physical or practical support with daily living tasks.

This includes:

People with physical illness or disabilities
People with learning disabilities
People with mental health problems
How much does it cost?
Norfolk Swift Response is a free service for people living in Norfolk.

Call Norfolk Swift Response on 0344 800 8020 and select option 1.

Community alarms
Some people are referred to Swifts using community alarms. These are usually pendants that you wear, so that you can reach help at the touch of a button. Find out more about community alarms

What will happen when Swifts arrive?
The Norfolk Swift Response team will always:

Show their identity cards when they visit you for the first time
Be dressed in the team uniform
Behave professionally and politely and respect your privacy and dignity
Ensure you receive prompt, appropriate support and let you know if there is a delay
With your agreement, and if appropriate, make ongoing referrals to other services and support
Case study
When Fred (73) had a fall, he pressed his alarm pendant for help. He wasn’t seriously injured and didn’t need an ambulance, so the Norfolk Swift team came to help him. They used inflatable lifting equipment to help him up off the floor and made sure he was okay. Because Fred had had a previous fall, the Swifts suggested a referral to the Falls Team to look at ways of reducing the risk of falls around the home.

Anglian Water Support

Anglian Water – Support for Households Poster

BCKLWN – General Guidance and Help Ukraine

The borough council has published a page of information giving general guidance for people in need of help or who want to help. This email is to point you to that page for your information and use.

The address is: It can also be reached via the home page.

Police Newsletters

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Bridleway 15 – Bridge Repair Complete

Please note that the bridge on Bridleway 15 has now been repaired and open for use.  Norfolk County Council notified the Council mid-June.

Anglian Water Strategic Pipeline Bexwell to Bury

Please find attached information received from Anglian Water and which contained their contact details for queries.


Message from Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Board

Please find attached newsletter from the above Board for public information


Dog Fouling – Playing Field

Please could all dog walkers ensure that dog fouling is collected and disposed of in the provided bins at the edge of the field.  The Parish Council has noted that the amount of dog waste is not acceptable and puts the health and children and our contractors who cut the grass at risk.